About Raphael Jay Adjani

Raphael Jay Adjani is an individual whose work and interests defy simple boundaries: artist; philosopher; ecologist; designer; creative consultant for organisations and projects; teacher, trainer and mentor.

Raphael’s history of work and expertise includes:

    • academic at Goldsmiths, University of London, publishing research internationally and designing inspirational courses;
    • artist, working in diverse media;
    • filmmaker;
    • playwright, director and designer of live performance;
    • actor in film, television and theatre;
    • dancer and choreographer;
    • producer and director of his own production company,
    • co-director of a design partnership;
    • creative consultant: mentoring and advising individuals and companies on the creative aspects of their enterprise.

Raphael has a passion for research into themes such as deep ecology, the sublime, and ‘relational being’. This inter-disciplinary research, spanned architecture; art; design; ecology, medicine, therapy and other science; philosophy; and technology. The research encompassed his academic activity, artistic practice, as well as other spheres of his life.

This passion is matched only by his dedication to teaching and nurturing the talents and ideas of others. Here he has inspired and affected profoundly countless individuals.

In 2012, Raphael retired from full-time work to devote himself to a path of meditation and contemplation.

In addition, voluntarily, he is developing gradually, a philanthropic concept, to widen and deepen access for all: to both art and ideas of deep ecology.

By invitation, occasionally he still consults and teaches.

This Site is an ‘umbrella’, providing information about and links to some of his diverse businesses, art projects, sites and activities: past and present:

raphael adjani studio
This is an archive of some of the projects Raphael has created as an artist. There are links here to films, internet art, and other works he has created around the world.

8 technology
8 technology was a research project developed by Raphael at Goldsmiths, between 2008 and 2012, to investigate concepts such as ‘deep ecology’ and ‘relational being’ through art practice and theory.

Center for Creative Development   
This site focuses on Raphael’s work as a creative consultant to individuals and organizations. Although Raphael is now retired, on request he still considers requests for creative consultation.

a & p        
a & p is a philanthropic concept that aims to enable all people, children and adults, to broaden their understanding of deep ecology through art practice and art history. A long term aim is to create a Street Library and Street School to enable under-privileged children to access to art and design.

Raphael Jay Adjani PhD, FRSA
Skype: Raphael-Jay-Adjani

Site Design: Raphael Jay Adjani
Image: Rapeedech V. Kulasubaya
Support: kate Ayre, Natasha Desai

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